What is your shipping policy?

We ship anywhere in all 50 states of the U.S.! Are you a Chicago local and want to save on shipping? Connect with us on our social media, and we'll talk about meeting and delivering your goods to you at our next show! 

Will Sneezy play my venue, festival, wedding, graduation party, private event, etc?

We sure will! Just use our booking or contact page to get in touch with us, and we'll hash out the details so your private party and event will be set to the smooth soulful tunes that you and your guest can groove to! 


How do I order wholesale?

We'd love to sell you our albums and products wholesale! Use our contact form, and we'll discuss the details with you to save you the most we can!


Can I interview Sneezy?

Wow, we're honored that you'd ask, and of course you can! Just reach us through our contact page and we'll work to accommodate your schedule and hopefully give you one of the best, if not most memorable interviews, ever!