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Tuned To Perfection


Released from the musical zoo of Chicago's north suburbs, the Sneezy boys have spent over a decade tuning their souls and skills to entice and excite the masses with their hypnotic beach rock harmonies, and notable traces of acoustic, R'n'B, and hip-hop, creating the Sneezy experience that's spread from the Windy City to Denver, New Orleans and soon a venue near you. The ebb and flow of their vibes will grab your soul for a dance off and leave you wanting more. This is Sneezy.


Who is Sneezy?

From the same famed Chicago suburb of Libertyville that produced musicians like Tom Morello, Ike Reilly and Adam Jones, among many others, comes the six-piece band Sneezy. Like their renowned musical counterparts, they've soaked in the sensations of the Windy City-mixed with a love of R'n'B, Hip-Hop, hypnotic beach rock harmonies and a spirit that can only be characterized as life-loving, to create a musical group that has intrigued and excited audiences from the House of Blues in Chicago and venues across the mountains of Colorado to New Orleans and everywhere between.

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"Some of Chicago's funkiest ear candy."


Sounds Like Sneezy

Sneezy’s sound is the culmination and melding of all things good in music. Fusing pop, reggae, hip-hop, and rock, Sneezy has a natural, summery sunshine, laid back feel to every soul-filled track. Their neo-soul undertone provides accentuates all of their music and creates an infectious, addicting rhythm that you’ll be glad to have stuck in your head. Listen Now ⤖